Plenary room

14.00h CET

Keynote speech:

The intermodal offer in the port of Antwerp by Jacques Vandermeiren CEO Port of Antwerp

15.30h CET - 16.00h CET

Break-out session 1: Multimodal solutions - via barge, rail, short sea and night logistics - by maritime terminals for your supply chain.

Speakers:  Harold Kunst (CEO MPET), Dirk Van den Bosch (CEO Antwerp Gateway),  Jan Van Mossevelde (CEO PSA Antwerp)

Moderator: William Demoor (Director Customer Relations Port of Antwerp)

16.30h CET - 17.00h CET

Break-out session 2: Rail transport: structural measures for port efficiency.

Speakers: Nils van Vliet (CEO Railport), Ann Billiau (Executive Director Infrabel)

Moderator: Tom Verlinden (Mobility Manager Port of Antwerp)

17.00h CET


Mobility webinar

14.30 - 18.00u

Pre-recorded webinar to watch at the time of your choice.

In this one-hour-video, our intermodal experts give you an extensive overview of the multimodal solutions in the Port of Antwerp. International supply chains have been facing numerous challenges lately: Covid-19, roadworks, Brexit, sustainability and green deal aspirations, etc.

Port of Antwerp offers solutions for these challenges:
  • reliable intermodal connections between Port of Antwerp and key European economic hubs
  • sustainable barge and rail transport
  • shorter transit times through night logistics
  • performant shortsea connections

Virtual port tour

14.30 - 18.00u

Enjoy this 30 minutes virtual tour in our port at your own pace. We welcome you on this virtual tour around our port. Let our host Pascale take you on a journey through the history, present and future of the port of Antwerp.

Intermodal solutions

14.30 - 18.00u

Short movie to watch at the time of your choice. Discover the multiple intermodal connections, connecting the Port of Antwerp with its European hinterland in this 2 minute movie.